Bring you imagination to life with digitalized printing. Whether it's your company newsletter, or promotional material Grid Graphics will get the job done. Need a design? Our graphic designers think outside the box to create memorable ads, brands and logos. Meet with one of our art directors or marketers for cutting-edge and innovative ideas.

  1,000 2,500 5,000 10,000
Business Cards
UV, 16pt
$48 $72 $108 $160

4x6, UV, 16pt

$66 $160 $206 $420
Event Tickets
5.5x2, Perforated, Front
Numbering Printing, Color 1-Sided
$186 $306 $422 $766
Letterhead 70lb Opaque Smooth White Paper
Color 1-Sided
$164 $252 $350 $700
Brochures 8.5x11, Tri-fold $186 $346 $406 $1026
Doorhangers 3.5x8.5,
100lb book, gloss, full color
$186 $280 $442 $830
Restaurant Table Tents
4.25x12, folded to 4.25x6, scored for folding
$306 $542 $764 $1354
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Printing Services in GlendaleWhen putting together a print job, think of the many different options available for your choosing the right type of printing can be tricky. Grid Gaphics can customize just about any print job - from business cards to package design, we have just what you're looking for. Here's a list of some technical printing terms to help you identify what you need:

Printing Term


Cover Stock Refers to a type of paper that’s thicker than “Book Stock”
Book Stock Refers to a type of paper that is thinner than “Cover Stock”
UV Coating A finish that coats each print job with a high-gloss, shiny and protective coating.
Spot UV Shiny finish that is only applied to specified areas of the print job.
Matte/ Satin Finish Offers a silky finish without the "high-gloss" shine of the UV Coating.
Unfinished Absolutely no coating.
Score An imprinted line on the print job, ideally to indicate folding.
Raised Printing A traditional type of printing process that allows for ink to be "raised"
Embossed/ Printing Usually referring to a technique where the paper is "stamped" with either ink or foil finishes.
Engraved Printing Process in which a very thick stock is "engraved" with letterings or designs. Usually used for special occasion printing such as in wedding invitations.